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Structural Characteristics Analysis of Vacuum Laminator

The construction characteristics of the vacuum laminator

  • The steel structure of the vacuum laminator is welded with high-strength steel plates, which are precisely calculated by computer and analyzed for stress deformation. After complete internal stress relief, the machine is processed integrally to ensure the repeat precision of mechanical durability.

  • The hot press plates are polished after multiple precision machining processes. The parallelism and flatness of a single plate are within ±0.015mm/m, and the temperature tolerance is within ±1.5℃.

  • The piston is made of white milling and polished, with a hardness of HRC500-550. It is wear-resistant and oil-tight. The oil seal adopts the world universal standard oil seal, which is convenient for maintenance and repair.

The electrical control unit of the vacuum laminator

  • The advanced industrial computer control system is based on the IFlX graphic control software and WlNXP operating system. The software operation control program is compiled to simultaneously control and record temperature, pressure, vacuum degree, third curve, and data on the screen.

  • The humanized operation mode is easy to learn, with over 5,000 production process formulas and memory.

The hydraulic system of the vacuum laminator

The hydraulic system components and pumps are selected from Taiwan, the US, Europe, and Japan, and a collection circuit system design is used to ensure high stability and system accuracy of the hydraulic system operation.

The heating and cooling unit of the vacuum laminator

  • The heating unit pumps and parts use the highest-level accessories in the world. The inner part of the cooler adopts a stainless steel U-shaped tube design, which has no corrosion, perforation or the public security risk of cracking due to cold shrinkage and expansion, and is integrally formed and beautiful without taking up space.

  • Multi-year practical operation experience and precise complementary calculation are used to ensure the safest and most effective heating and cooling effects.

The vacuum system of the vacuum laminator

The vacuum device adopts a system design that can be single-pumped, dual-pumped, or triple-pumped to reduce vacuum pumping time, improve product quality, and the air-liquid separation bucket effectively filters out the air moisture extracted from the vacuum chamber to increase the vacuum pump life and reduce maintenance times.

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