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Solar Panel Production Line

solar panel production line

SC-SOLAR not only provides customers with turnkey solutions for solar module manufacturing, which meeting their diversified requirements such as conventional glass-back sheet, G2G, half-cell, MBB, shingling modules production and so on, but also provides intelligent equipment in PV cells, silicon wafer manufacturing and other domains.

Features of Solar Panel Production Line

  • Turnkey solution

  • Compatible size

a.standard length 1640-2200mm,width 950-1200mm;

b. other specs customized

  • Compatible module



c.framed,framed(no C side),frameless

d.glass-backsheet,dual-glass/bifacial,ultra-light,thin-film module

  • Module Information and Requirement

a. Around 1GW MBB HC module production line (500MW*1 lines)

Cycle time : less than 22 sec/module

b. Production module type

c.Solar cell size : 158.75x158.75mm, 161.7x161.7mm, 166x166mm, 182*182mm, 210x210mm 

d.Module size : L(1650~2500mm) x W(950~1400mm) x T(30~40mm)

  • Glass to Backsheet module(with frame)

both 156pcs, 144pcs & 120pcs half-cell module

Solar Panel Production Line Solution


Welcome come to contact SC-SOLAR for solar module laminator machines.
Welcome come to contact SC-SOLAR for solar module laminator machines.
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