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Semi-Auto Solar Laminator

semi auto solar module laminator
  • Apply to the production of small-size solar panel

  • Flexible working mode, free choice of multiple modes 

  • Standard industrial control mode, PLC automatic processing, touch screen operation display function

  • Integrate all kinds of PID operations in one, high precision, strong anti-interference

Features of Semi-Auto Solar Laminator

  • Integrated Module Design: The Equipment adopts a super strong structure design; it can meet the long-term running under a high-pressure environment. 

  • Lamination Major Body: Adopts the pneumatic cover opening mode, the system is stable and uniform, low energy consumption, cleaning and time-saving.

  • Vacuum System: The whole system is controlled by a magnetic valve and PLC, operated and data displayed on the touch screen, and equipped with a mechanical vacuum manometer and vacuum pressure sensor, real-time display and monitoring vacuum inside the chamber.

  • Heating System: The heating method is oil heating. During the heating process, the temperature fluctuation is small to ensure good temperature uniformity;  At room temperature of 25 ° C, the heating plate reaches 120 ° C ≤120min.  

  • Auxiliary Mechanical System: The frame body adopts a high-strength structure design, and the key parts are strengthened by connecting pieces to ensure the firmness and reliability of the whole frame body so that the equipment can operate safely, stably and reliably in the process of transportation, installation and use, and reduce the failure rate.  

  • Electrical Control System: High-quality electric components, and imported brand products, greatly reduce the failure rate.

  • Safety System: Emergency Button Switch is installed, to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

Basic specification of Semi-Auto Solar Laminator

Lamination Size2700×1700mm
Compressed Air pressure0.6MPa—0.8MPa
Lamination height>25mm
Heating plate thickness55mm
Control ModeTouch Screen
Temperature ControlPLC Intelligent
Heating ModeOil Heating
Power SupplyAC380V 50Hz;3Phases 5Lines
Total Power45KW
Running Power23KW
Temperature Uniformity±2℃
Temperature Control Accuracy±1℃
Temperature RangeRoom--160℃
Vacuum Pumping Speed70L/S
Equipment efficiencycan laminate size smaller than 2400×1400mm solar panel 1 piece per cycle; size smaller than1400×1000mm solar panel 2 pieces per cycle.

Facility Condition of Semi-Auto Solar Laminator

ItemRequirementFlow and VentingConnector / Pipe diameterAccess point position
Air supplyTo ensure the Air Pressure of each Laminator is 0.6 MPa to 0.8 MPa. Air Supply must be clean, without impurities//See the layout
Power supplyUnit power:45KWNONE/See the layout
AC380V 3 phase 5 lines
Vacuum pump Cooling waterCooling Water can use running water, Cooling Water Pipeline needs to be equipped or equip Water Tank0.5-0.7m³. Water is circulated by the Water PumpVacuum pump: 2X-70/See the layout
Cooling water flux:480L/H
Operating conditionEnvironment temperature:10℃--50℃; Relative Humidity<90%; Height above sea level<2500m

Welcome come to contact SC-SOLAR for solar module laminator machines.
Welcome come to contact SC-SOLAR for solar module laminator machines.
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