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Production Capacity of Laminator Doubled After Completion and Acceptance of SC Solar North Base

Recently, the new factory project of Shengcheng Photovoltaic North Production Base, namely Qinhuangdao Shengcheng Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Qinhuangdao Shengcheng) was completed and accepted. At present, the workshop has reached the use standard, and the electricity and gas consumption in the workshop will be finished soon. By then, the monthly production capacity of laminators in the new factory will be 40 sets, up by 100% year-on-year.

Completion and Acceptance of SC-Solar North Base

Qinhuangdao Shengcheng is a high-tech comprehensive enterprise, which is invested and controlled by SC-Solar, and integrates R&D and manufacturing of photovoltaic automation equipment. Since its establishment in March 2019, the company has developed rapidly, and the shipments of laminators have increased year after year. At present, it has successfully provided various types of laminators for nearly 40 well-known PV companies around the world, such as Jingke, Jingao, Tianhe, Artes, Dongfang Risheng, Huansheng, and Tongwei, Teng-hui, GCL, Hyundai and Vietnam Photovoltaic. In addition to the traditional oil-heated laminator, SC-Solar brand-new electric-heated laminator, because of its outstanding technical advantages such as better temperature uniformity, lower energy consumption, high reliability, more environmental protection and convenient maintenance, won unanimous praise from customers after it was put into the market in 2021, and its market share increased rapidly.

Completion and Acceptance of SC-Solar North Base

Qinhuangdao Shengcheng has strong technical R&D strength and advanced manufacturing technology and pays attention to R&D personnel training and R&D design. Since its establishment, it has won many government honors, such as ''High-tech Enterprise'', ''Small and Medium-sized Science and Technology Enterprise in Hebei Province'' and R&D institutions of ''Automation Equipment R&D Center'' in Hebei Province. The R&D projects have been recognized by the Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology many times. Among them, the project of "High-efficiency, energy-saving and environment-friendly double-layer three-chamber fully automatic component laminator based on heating plate thermal-solid-liquid coupling design" has won the highest financial award at the provincial level.

In June 2021, Shengcheng Photovoltaic North Production Base-Qinhuangdao SC-Solar brand-new factory area, as a key project of Qinhuangdao Development Zone, officially started construction. The project has a total investment of 450 million yuan and a total construction area of 29,000 square meters, including a product testing workshop, precision machining workshop and production workshop. It integrates office, R&D and production, and is mainly used to produce photovoltaic module packaging equipment, intelligent equipment for some photovoltaic modules, environmental protection equipment and industrial intelligent robot equipment. After the project is completed, it will become a benchmark enterprise of intelligent photovoltaic module equipment and other equipment automation in northern China, and a high-tech enterprise of intelligent manufacturing of high-end equipment.

Completion and Acceptance of SC-Solar North Base

After the new project is put into production, the production capacity of SC-Solar Photovoltaic Laminator will be greatly improved to meet the increasing demand of customers. With the steady growth of the laminator business, Shengcheng Photovoltaic will further strengthen its whole-line equipment strength in the field of photovoltaic module automation production. In the future, Shengcheng Photovoltaic will continue to strengthen R&D innovation, deepen photovoltaic intelligent manufacturing, improve its core technology advantages, continue to create value for customers, and strive to become a leader in intelligent equipment manufacturing in the photovoltaic industry, making photovoltaic manufacturing easier.

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